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Missoula Children’s Theater

The Missoula Children's Theater was held June 5- 10.  90 kids came to audition this year to be in the production of Gulliver's Travels.  Over 60 kids were selected to participate.  After a week of rehearsals, 2 public performances were held on June 10.

Congratulations to all of the talented young performers!    Hope to see you all next summer for our 2018 production!

A huge thank you to Hyland Hills Parks and Rec  and the SCFD for making this program possible!


With his ship wrecked and his trusty computer JCN on the fritz, brave explorer Gulliver finds himself lost in space with nothing but an Invisible Force to guide him! While transporting from world to world, under the control of the Maniacal Scientist of Lapunta, Gulliver discovers fighting aliens, arrogant Horse Leaders of the foolish Yahoos, larger-than-life royalty (in more ways than one) and robots – all who need just as much help from Gulliver as Gulliver needs from them! Tune in as this sci-fi spin of the timeless tale of GULLIVER’S TRAVELS will take you out-of-this world! 

Cast of Characters:

Gulliver #1 - Simon Cornejo

Gulliver #2 - Paxtin Caruso

JCN (Jason) - Jade Sandoval

Giant King of Brobdingnag - Adam Overman

Giant Queen of Brobdingnag - Grace Derickson

Princess of Brobdingnag - Cammie Morrison                                                                                                                                                      

Giant Wasp - Austin Golinski

Maniacal Scientist of Lapunta - Beth Anderson

Houyhnhnm Horses - Carly Rockwell, Isabella Infante, Trinity Evans, Lander Wilkinson

 Yahoos - Olivia Infante, Mattea Branaugh, Madeline Kippes, Ava Thielen, Crash Molnar, Hailey Baziuk, Kaylah Carncross, Malachi Stockho, Hannah Nichols, Holden Hanou, Shelby Withers, Elaina Maldonado

 Robots of Lapunta - Adin Anderson, Nathaniel Nelson, Rylee Silvers, Caution Molnar, Alex Olson, Sofia Opland, Briana Weyandt, Kaysie McGurk, Adrian Fleischer, Isabella McCurdy, Morgan Hall, Vivi Kaltenbach

 Aliens of Lilliput - Anastasia Stockho, Kate Olson, Austin Olson, Magpie Hemingson, Josh Petri, Owen Graf, Mateo Sandoval, Amelia Bryant

 Aliens of Blefuscu - Kenya Larsen, Kaleb Weyandt, Sage Murphy, Selena Fleischer,

Jr. Arthur, Ashley Olson, Ellyana Stockho, Elliot Graf, Arianna Padilla, Ella Weyandt, Grayson Sandoval, Trevor Williams, Blake Williams, Luke Kippes, Xaden Caruso, Briella Nelson

 Assistant Directors - Alexa Caruso, Keira Wilkinson, Sami  McGurk, Hannah Benjamin

 Accompanist - Cameron Carruthers

 The Invisible Force of Good - Tour Actor/Director – Abby Kohake

 Director - Tour Actor/Director – Jay Echols   

Throughout its 45 year existence, the Missoula Children’s Theatre International Tour has fostered developmental life skills in more than a million kids. Just this year, we will work with 65,000 children in more than 1,200 communities in all 50 states and 17 countries. The Missoula Children’s Theatre relies on your generosity to close the gap between low tour fees and the actual cost of touring. If our program has had a positive impact on you or a family member, and you would like to help ensure this experience for future generations, please contact Development Director, Cate Sundeen at

 Federal employees can contribute through the Combined Federal Campaign using CFC code #20396.

 “Guess what? I made it…I’m in the play!”   On stage or behind the scenes, your children are stars! Maybe this is their first show, or they've been in 12 MCT shows. Either way, their Missoula Children’s Theatre experience will always shine bright. We invite you to honor that experience with a “star” in the MCT Galaxy, located in MCT headquarters in Missoula! How many stars are in the galaxy? When you participate, the sky's the limit! You may even want one of your own for being your child’s life-long stage manager. To see a sample of the MCT Galaxy and learn more about this exciting, new way to celebrate your star, visit

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